Avoid console.log error messages in IE

Use the following piece of code:

if (typeof console == “undefined” || typeof console.log == “undefined”) var console = { log: function() {} };

Compatibility issues HTML

CSS Browser conditionals for IE

Example of how IE support conditionals that narrow the code to only a specific browser and version:

<!–[if gte IE 5]> <style type=”text/css”>

 Your code here


Compatibility issues CSS HTML

Browsers: IE problems and browser compatibility issues with IE

  1. IE 6 floating elements that touch each other with a div border, the border of the container get double margin. If you specify 10 for each, you will get 20).
    • The solution: zoom:1 or display:inline – floated elements will behave as blocks, even if you specify display:inline, but nonetheless it will at least fix this problem
  2. IE 6 there is a 3 pixes gap between floated and non-floated elements
    • float all elements, or
    • * html #mainColumn { margin-left: 0; } �
      * html #sidebar { margin-right: -3px; }
  3. IE 6 sometimes missplaces elements that are positioned using the right and bottom properties
    • zoom:1 on the element that is the predecesor of the elements that have the problem
  4. IE in general: one of your element’s margin is knocked out as soon as users mouseover other elements of the page, so the element is knock out of place.
    • Make this element position:relative, even if you don’t add top or left properties to it, it will make it “behave”
  5. You need to specify code for IE 6 and under.
    • You can use the * key, only understood by those browsers: * html h1 { … your css here …}
    • All other more modern browsers will ignore this