unload event behavior differences between browsers

Safari and IE fire the unload event whenever you click a link to leave a page or even just close a window or tab with the page. Opera and Firefox let you click the window’s close button without firing the unload event.

Browsers: IE problems and browser compatibility issues with IE

IE 6 floating elements that touch each other with a div border, the border of the container get double margin. If you specify 10 for each, you will get 20). The solution: zoom:1 or display:inline – floated elements will behave as blocks, even if you specify display:inline, but nonetheless it will at least fix this […]

Browser Box model

To a browser, all elements contained in a document are considered boxes of content (text, images, etc). Each box has the following attributes: padding (surrounding the content) border (after the padding, background-color property stops here) margin (after the border, before the other elements) The most common box model problem: in IE 5, IE 6 and […]

CSS code to reset the internal browser’s built in style sheets (that may be different between different browsers)

html, body, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p, ol, ul, li, pre, code, address, variable, form, fieldset, blockquote {       padding: 0;           margin: 0;           font-size: 100%;           font-weight: normal;         }         […]