SVN cheatsheet

svn status // Tells you what has changed

svn add file_or_dir_name // Add files to codebase

svn delete file_or_dir_name // Remove them

svn commit -m "Saving recent changes" // Commit your changes

svn update // Update your local files, from the folder where you run this one down

svn resolve filename –accept working  // You guess it: once you manually fix conflicts in a file, this is the way to let svn you have done so

svn revert [myfile] // Get rid of uncommited local changes

svn delete [myfile] // Delete the file from the repo

svn log [filename] // Check file history

svn log -r 34137 -v // See what files were submitted in a given revision

svn diff -r 33721:33635 [filename] // Test file difference between revision. To find out revision numbers, use svn log above


To ignore files:

export SVN_EDITOR=emacs
svn propedit svn:ignore .
You need to be at the directory where this happens