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Index of JavaScript effects and HTML Templates

NOTE: For the actual files (since wordpress is failing to upload) see
  1. lightbox: ( in localhost)
  2. cycle (several slide show animations, shuffle, fade, etc): http://localhost/uunet/index.php?action=buy
  3. Simple text horizontal menus (floated and in-line versions): http://localhost/html_template/horizontal_menu.html
  4. Belated, pure CSS buttons: http://localhost/html_template/belated_css_buttons.html
  5. Fish dynamic horizontal menu with sub-menu options: http://localhost/html_template/fish_dynamic_menu/
  6. JQuery date picker: http://localhost/html_template/datepicker/ The actual css / images / support files can be downloaded from:
  7. JQuery form validation: http://localhost/html_template/form_validation/
  8. JQuery accordion: http://localhost/html_template/accordion/
  9. JQuery tabs: http://localhost/html_template/tabs/
  10. JQuery tooltips: http://localhost/html_template/tooltip/
  11. JQuery sortable table: http://localhost/html_template/table_sorter/
  12. Rounded corners bubble: http://localhost/css_tutorial/rounded%20corners/ another example of this is on: http://localhost/jobs/hgm/hgm_exercise.html