Weinre: troubleshoot mobile and remote apps

1) Install it if you haven’t yet: $npm install weinre -g 2) run it: $ weinre -boundHost [your ip address here or localhost] 3) Put the following reference in the page you are trying to troubleshoot: <script src=”http//[the ip address you entered]:8080/target/target-script.js#anonymous”></script> 4) Point your browser to the ip address you entered, that will give […]

Media queries: the abc of them

To target webkit (safari and chrome only) browsers: @media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) { Just be careful as it is a hack! ¬†-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio was meant to tell you the pixel ratio of your screen, meant to discover if you were dealing with a retina display (:2). It just work because other browsers ignore it (for now), […]

IOS: Developing a website for the ipad

Some measurements to take into account: Ipad’s portrait width: 768px Default viewport with (if viewport not specified): 980px (meaning pages are zoom out until 980px of content are visible). Basically, when a page is displayed in IOS / Safari combination, the page is printed into a 980px canvas, and then that canvas is squeezed down […]