Ionic JavaScript

Ionic: the basics

$ ionic serve // Internal server to run and test your pages

$ ionic build ios

$ ionic emulate ios // with the other command above, emulates running the page in the iphone

To use it along with your Adobe Phonegap build account (so you don’t have to build locally)

  1. Follow the instructions here to setup your phonegap acct
  2. $phonegap create [your app dir] [your app name]
  3. $cd [your app dir]
  4. copy the www files from your ionic app into the www of this phonegap dir (follow the instructions on their website to build a starter project)
  5. $phonegap remote build ios

Update: looks like things have gotten easier, and you don’t have to jump back and forth between phonegap and ionic projects, all you have to do is:

1) create an app at

2) in your command line:

$ ionic start myApp io

$ cd myApp

$ionic login

$ionic upload

Setting up sass

ionic setup sass

if you run into an error message, you may have to reinstall the following packages (in that order):

$ sudo npm install node-sass@1.0.3

sudo npm install gulp-sass