Rails 4.1: deploying to Heroku

download the toolbelt kit: $ wget -O- https://toolbelt.heroku.com/install-ubuntu.sh | sh login: $ heroku login create your app: $ heroku apps:create [your app name] or, if you already have an app in Heroku: $ heroku git:remote -a ticketee-demo Add the rails_12factor gem, to take care of the standard points a web app should cover. In your gemfile: gem […]

boostrapping a MEAN app (angular.js, express, node.js, mongodb)

Complete code example here – in the folder you are creating your app, place a manifest file called package.json, example: { “name”: “yourappnamehere” } – install express and other dependencies: $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install npm $ sudo apt-get install nodejs Note: copying and pasting these commands sometimes will give you the following error message: […]

Ruby On Rails: barebones site template from the ground up.

We are talking about quick demos, site bootstraping kind of deal here. So don’t expect robust, detailed explanations. Also, assuming you have Ruby / Rails / Git / postgresql / RVM (optional) installed. Barebones, cutting through most of the commands explanations. Aim to push site and ideas fast out there. $rails new first_app -d postgresql […]