Media queries: the abc of them

To target webkit (safari and chrome only) browsers: @media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) { Just be careful as it is a hack!  -webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio was meant to tell you the pixel ratio of your screen, meant to discover if you were dealing with a retina display (:2). It just work because other browsers ignore it (for now), […]

On Charsets and other strange black sciences

This is basically the software representation of a given map of language characters. The English language, not having lots of different letters, can be represented by 8 byte construct, which give you about 256 characters. Enough to cover all the letters and punctuation signs. Most browsers and computer systems would default to this if not […]

IE7 needs to load the DOM elements first before you can run any script manipulating them on the section

So weird, but if you are to define a variable in IE 7 as follows: var dobj = document.getElementById(’dataDiv’); and you do so on the <head> </head> part of your page, it won’t work, unless you call the function that contains that line from the  <body onload=… so you are sure that the ‘dataDiv’ tag […]

CSS: two elements that were suppose to be right next to each other vertically have a gap between them

Another thing that artificially creates an space between adjacent vertical   divs, at least in IE 7, is the <form blah blah ..> tag. I could not figure   out where the extra space was coming from, until I moved the <form>   starting tag somewhere else I could see that the problem was created by   that.