Angularjs with Ruby On Rails app from scratch

# Assuming node is already installed, install the stuff needed to bootstrap the app:

npm install -g yo

npm install -g generator-angular

# create your app (the name of the folder will be the name of your app):

mkdir myapp; cd myapp;

yo angular

# in the series of questions, pick bootstrap (to make it easier on you)

# get git going:

git init; git add .

git commit -am “initial commit”

# (optional): open your Gruntfile.js file, and edit out the following line:

tasks: [‘newer:jshint:all’], and also tasks: [‘newer:jshint:test’, ‘karma’]


tasks: [] # to avoid running jshint for each edit, and the test suite with any new test / changes

# bowel.json will contain all app dependencies, if you need anything more, you add it there

# package.json will contain all the development dependencies

# app/index.html has your single page app bootstrapped HTML page

# to make sure we are up and running, run:

grunt serve # you shall have a basic page running at this point

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