Compatibility issues IE7

IE7: fix for floated LI horizontal lists that don’t respond to display: inline-block

zoom:1; *display: inline; _height: 30px;


Useful websites / apps and tools for troubleshooting and other stuff I keep forgetting about

weinre: amazing ipad debugging tool, firebug style.
Adobe has gotten into this business as well:
Also, I haven’t tried this one, but it may be a good alternative: Quick and dirty what browser / operative system you are using. Useful for customers to tell you exactly what browser they are using.

Tower: git UI in case your IDE lacks of it, or you don’t have an IDE.

MAMP: Apache / PHP / MYSQL all in one, installation is a snap

NAVCAT lite: you need a mysql modeler / admin interface, very useful:

MailServe: you need a simple mail server, almost zero config, to run on your mac

IETester: quick and dirty all versions of IE tester.

Firefox must haves:
Firesizer — emulate viewports to test responsive design in small screens
HTTPfox — like fiddler, http sniffer

Colorzila — Not only for the color picker, but for the tool to create Gradients, it is great!

HTML5 find out what browsers support what features: , and

Mobile browsers emulators (you can also use Chrome developer tools / Console / emulator to emulate the most popular browser platforms.)

Web mobile validator:


Browser statistics:

HTML entities:

CSS lint:

Ruby On Rails in Windows: when all fails and you can’t install it properly (specially in Windows 8), you can use the bitnami installer: . There is actually another one from in case that other one doesn’t work

Rename files as a batch (utility):

Fast site boostrap:

ecommerce via wordpress:

ember.js online console:

Fast and dirty way to do a post via the command line:

curl -d “username=yo&message=anothertest”

Generate virtual users:

Dealing with javascript dates: moment.js is awesome, specially with dates arithmetics

A bundle of cheat sheets:

SEO: if you need to implement it, must see this one:

Outsource the backend:

Code review help:

Fast image placeholders:

If you are in a mac, fast and simple apache-like server via Python to test web things in localhost:8080

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080

or you can also install a simple server via npm:

$ sudo npm install -g http-server

$ http-server

Guide to come up with a good json format:

Internet marketing tools:

Compatibility issues JavaScript

Tracking Pixels: Beware of https behavior in Safari

If the https is not available, all JS will stop working up to the error message