WordPress: bringing a site from the ground up

These are the must haves, if you want your blog to be successful, and problem free 1) Active your Akismet plugin 2) Install Google Analitycs for WordPress from the get go. 3) Ditto for SEO.  Here’s a good plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/seo-ultimate/ 4) Subscribe to the following free auto-listing and update services (under “Settings / Writting”): http://codex.wordpress.org/Update_Services This […]

Troubleshooting: fedora 11 admin interface not working to setup sshd on startup

It’s weird, but running system / administration / services fedora UI interface is not really changing the services when I hit the restart or enable buttons. I couldn’t find the answer to the bug, but a workaround to fix it (at least for sshd being run at startup) is to enable sshd through the command line, with the […]

IE7 needs to load the DOM elements first before you can run any script manipulating them on the section

So weird, but if you are to define a variable in IE 7 as follows: var dobj = document.getElementById(’dataDiv’); and you do so on the <head> </head> part of your page, it won’t work, unless you call the function that contains that line from the  <body onload=… so you are sure that the ‘dataDiv’ tag […]

CSS: two elements that were suppose to be right next to each other vertically have a gap between them

Another thing that artificially creates an space between adjacent vertical   divs, at least in IE 7, is the <form blah blah ..> tag. I could not figure   out where the extra space was coming from, until I moved the <form>   starting tag somewhere else I could see that the problem was created by   that.